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Hi, I'm Mat. I build products that no-one wants or needs yet somehow finds an audience.

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Mathew Carpenter "Evil genius" - Mashable


Hi, I'm Mat, a 26 year old entrepreneur from Sydney, Australia. I've been involved in business since the age of 16 when I was importing consumer electronics from China for resale here in Australia whilst still in school. You can read about that part of my life in a blog post titled "My Early Business Life: A 6 Figure Business That Fell Apart When I Was 16".

Since than I've launched numerous businesses & products that have generated hundreds of thousands of dollars, tens of millions of visitors, millions of social media shares and featured on all mediums including TV, radio, print & web. Now, I'm continuing to build unique & interesting products that can be used by people all around the world. I'm always up for collaborating with like-minded people so if you want to work together, get in touch below.


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Ship Your Enemies Glitter January, 2015

Ship Your Enemies Glitter, which started out as a small side project quickly became one of the most viral websites of 2015. Promising to send users enemies glitter in an envelope for $9.99, the site exploded in popularity seeing millions of visitors within hours and being featured all around the world. After only being live for a little over a week the website was sold in an online auction for 6 figures.

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Abusive Elmo on DemandMay, 2015

The idea was simple: enter your friends name & phone number and Elmo would call them up and leave an abusive message. The website was launched at 10pm and by 10am the next morning had received over 11,000 requests prompting the submission form to be taken down.

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Discuvver (formely Random Useful Websites)August, 2015

A collaboration project with Dan Walker, Random Useful Websites was set up to allow users to discover unique, interesting websites that provided some sort of value. Within 24 hours the website had received over 500,000 clicks, in excess of 2,700 upvotes on Reddit, topped Product Hunt for the day with over 850 upvotes and of course received a shit ton of visitors and subscribers. In 2017, Random Useful Websites was rebranded into Discuvver.

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Hardcore Prawn LawnJune, 2015

In June, 2015 I was challenged to build a website that was completely useless and over the top ridiculous but still somehow get an audience; Hardcore Prawn Lawn was the result. Despite offering no value whatsoever, the website receives a steady average of 150,000 visitors every month & daily mentions on social media.

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Sofa MoolahSeptember, 2010

Launched in September 2010, Sofa Moolah is a blog I share with Dan Walker where we talk about making money online as well as a range of other topics including internet marketing, entrepreneurship and general business. Sofa Moolah has been featured on many news websites and online communities such as Hacker News & Reddit.

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Where's MH370?May, 2014

Where's MH370? is my self-published search & find activity book where users are challenged to help find the debris of MH370, such as the landing gear, black box or even passenger luggage. There are 12 full colour, detailed hand drawn illustrations for users to search through. Where's MH370? has been described as "the most offensive kids book ever" & has sold thousands of copies.

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Useless WebMarch, 2017

Discover the most ridiculous, useless websites in the world or have them delivered to your inbox!

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Bye Rupert - Chrome ExtensionJune, 2015

Receiving a total of over 900 upvotes on Reddit, Bye Rupert is a Chrome Extension that blocks all of Rupert Murdoch controlled websites. This extension has over 2,300 daily active users.

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New Tab Startup Quotes - Chrome ExtensionApril, 2015

Featured on Product Hunt & in their email newsletter, this extension shows an inspirational quote related to startups & entrepreneurs whenever a new tab is opened in Chrome. This extension has over 1,100 daily active users.

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